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Cole Brocato

The California Assembly needs a true Conservative. It needs outspoken, unafraid and unapologetic leadership that can return this once golden state back to its former glory. Cole Brocato will be the bold voice and common sense logic that we need to fight the disastrous policies made by “out of touch politicians” that have been permeating our government for far too long. 

Cole is a native Californian. That is why he is so committed to seeing his home state thrive and prosper once again. He believes it is possible to strengthen our economy through lowering taxes and regulations on businesses.  This will allow them to keep their livelihood in California, instead of exiting our state in order to survive.   He will work tirelessly to lower property taxes to make housing affordable again.  Future generations of families and businesses should be afforded the opportunities for the California dream that once existed.   

When elected to represent California’s 38th Assembly District, Cole will work hard to eliminate all legislation that impedes one’s individual freedoms and liberties and fight for our children’s rights to learn in an environment that is not threatening to their future development. He sees the ideology of the left that pushes their agenda on young minds as a detriment to our society. Cole is willing to defend parents’ constitutional rights in making the choices they deem appropriate for their own children. 

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God, family and country are pillars in the Brocato household. Cole was raised to respect his elders, police and first responders. He was taught to have courage and fight for what is right, to respect and love his country, to stand for the flag and kneel before God. With his wife Stephanie by his side, they instill these same principles to their sons Caleb and Xander. Their boys are taught to believe all goals and dreams are achievable, if they are willing to work hard even through life’s adversities. Without a doubt, these opportunities exist because of America’s greatness. The forethought of our founding fathers, the sacrifices made by them and all who’ve fought since that time, are looked at with much gratitude in their family. 

In 2003, Cole began coaching his younger brother’s Youth Football Team. The belief that children need strong, male role models in today’s society, has always encouraged Cole to be actively involved in that capacity. He spent four years coaching his son Caleb’s Little League Baseball Team.  He is currently coaching youth football for the Oxnard Knights   where he teaches the boys the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Since early childhood, Cole learned of pride and honor from his military role models. Two great great grandfathers served in World War I and his great grandfather in World War II. Grandpa Dominic, an army veteran and retired San Jose Police Officer, dedicated 30 years on the force. His father is an army vet as well and took part in “Operation Just Cause” in Panama. 

The women in Cole’s life were equally held in high regard. All had strong work ethics and tenaciousness that inspired him to live up to the example they set. His mom, who had not finished high school, went back for her diploma after Cole was born, making sure her three children realized the importance of an education. 

Cole recognizes the value and pride that one feels from a hard day's work and understands what it takes to operate a business. He began working at a young age and progressed into higher levels of management and business through various jobs.  Currently Cole runs a successful real estate investing company and renovates homes.    The qualities and skills he has learned from building things with his own hands, makes him a common sense candidate that knows what it takes to get a job done.  Cole Brocato will be the effective change needed to restore, reshape and rebuild California.