Ojai, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru, and Camarillo (the portion North of 101 Fwy & West of Lewis Rd.) 

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Help Save California

The California government has lost its way and its ability to see that we are FREE people.  Free to pursue happiness, worship and operate a business.  Free to raise our children and free to protect those rights from all who would seek to suppress them. I will fight to reaffirm and protect these freedoms so that tyranny may no longer govern over California.


The California Assembly needs a true Conservative. It needs outspoken, unafraid and unapologetic leadership that can return this once golden state back to its former glory. Cole Brocato will be the bold voice and common sense logic that we need to fight the disastrous policies made by “out of touch politicians” that have been permeating our government for far too long. 

Cole is a native Californian. That is why he is so committed to seeing his home state thrive and prosper once again. He believes it is possible to strengthen our economy through lowering taxes and regulations on businesses.  This will allow them to keep their livelihood in California, instead of exiting our state in order to survive.   He will work tirelessly to lower property taxes to make housing affordable again.  Future generations of families and businesses should be afforded the opportunities for the California dream that once existed. Continue Reading 





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